Midwest Technical Sales, Inc.
107 Shoreline Drive
Louisburg, KS 66053

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Prospective Manufacturers

Midwest Technical Sales is technical, professional, and aggressive. If you are interested in contacting us regarding our services, please feel free to call us direct, or any of our customers you may already know. We are confident that we can sell quality products to those in our territory.

All products we sell are electrical or related to the electric industry. We specialize in 15kV and higher equipment, but also sell complex 480V class product, such as switchgear and breakers. Our commodities are directly related to the electric utility industry alone. We do not represent products intended solely for the commodity industrial market. Some of the equipment we sell is breakers (15kV-765kV), oil-filled transformers, relays, test sets, insulators, substation and transmission switches, buildings, UPS Systems, steel poles and structures, and HV underground cable.

We make sure to limit the lines we represent to make sure we are giving a quality product to our manufacturers. Its impossible to do a very good job if you are splitting your time between 25 companies – that works out to only 2 weeks of work per year, per company! It takes time and effort to learn these technical products in order to sell them well.