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Hitachi T&D Solutions
Substation Breakers, GSU, GIS, GMCB. Formerly GE Hitachi. We have over 6000 HV breakers installed in the US market. 69kV through 765kV.
Sediver USASediver offers innovative high quality toughened glass insulators with mechanical ratings from 15,000 to 170,000 lbs for both AC and DC applications.

Categories: Transmission insulation technology

PPC Insulators SEVES USA – PPC Insulators — With more than 100 years of history and innovation, PPC is a leading manufacturer of porcelain products for the electrical utility industry providing a full ANSI offering of Distribution Insulators and Substation Insulators up to 1,200kV AC and 800kV DC. 
Steel transmission structures and substation poles. Over 1M square feet of production space. Experience on very large projects through 500kV.


Non-Segregated Bus Duct and Iso-phase bus. Non-Seg fabricating 600V through 35kV, AC and DC, through 8000A. All sizes of iso-phase. Much less expensive installed cost to cable bus and more robust.

Advanced Power Technologies
Temperature monitors for transformers—direct replacement for existing manual gauges and latest digital technology.
Testing and Measurement Equipment for relays, transformers, CTs, PTs, ground grid, step potential, etc.
Schneider Electric
Substation Breakers, Plant Electrical Service, rebuilds and remanufacturing, Switchgear, Emergency Services 
600V -35kV splices, taps, and connectors: insulation piercing connectors, underground, overhead, street lighting.
Pascor Atlantic
Switches, motor operators, ground switches (consultants only, KS, MO)
AMSC — Dynamic VAR, Statcom, Superconducting UG cables, Fault Limiters
1 and 4MVAR Dynamic VAR support and statcom
20ms reaction time, 3x overload for 2 seconds
Excellent for providing real-time +/- VAR in small sizes
Superconducting liquid nitrogen filled MV and HV cables
Myers Power Products, Inc.
MV Switchgear, Outdoor Breakers Complete Power Distribution buildings, LV and MV switchgear, 15-38kV outdoor breakers (formerly Schneider/SquareD).
Benning — UPS Systems, DC Panels and Batteries
Complete UPS Systems including batteries and chargers. PWM technology, USA manufacturing, local support
Enerset Power Solutions
5-16MW combustion turbine packages
Complete CHP: GE turbines, skid mounted with all accessories
High heat rates for CHP, gas or diesel